Remodeling your bathroom can be very stressful, especially when you are looking to get that perfect level of comfort and high-end design. At Tailored Roof & Remodeling we want to help you take your space to the next level with some simple tips on how to make your next bathroom remodel a spa-like experience. There are a lot of factors that play into this perfect Zen space, so make sure to have a comfortable budget, or simply add little pieces as time goes on.

Invest In a Soaking Tub

When you want full body relaxation at the end of a hard day, taking a bath is the perfect option. However, not all bathtubs offer comfort to average adults. If you are looking to get next level relaxation a soaking tub is the perfect investment. We suggest that you make sure your body can sit in the tub with enough room for your legs and that this tub has the ability to fill up high enough to cover your body.

Install a Rain Showerhead

Rain shower heads seem to be the newest trend in bathroom remodeling when it comes to enjoying your master shower. These shower heads are unique because they are installed on the ceiling of your bathroom space and offer an intense water flow. We have found this is also a great option for individuals who are tall and are constantly having to duck their heads under normal shower head heights.

Use Natural Materials in Your Design

When you walk into a spa it is normal to see natural materials and neutral color tones. If you are searching for a peaceful and rejuvenating oasis these simple changes can go a long way at your home as well. Make sure you pick a bathroom design that looks like stone or wood and then add a smooth tile to the floor. A little simplicity goes a long way when creating the perfect calming space.

Relaxing Lighting

Another way you can invest in your bathroom space to make it more of a spa-like experience is through proper lighting. You do not want your lights to be too bright, but you also do not want them to be dull. Try to get your lights hooked up to a dimmer so you can change your bathroom lighting to match your mood and perfect tone.

When you are ready to get started on your next bathroom remodel, contact the professionals at Tailored Roof & Remodeling. We would love to help you design the perfect space, and this service is free with our in-home estimate. You can trust in our A+ Better Business Bureau rated home remodelers to find your family’s perfect spa-like experience.